After a long drive and a good night's rest at a nice hotel,
Ray is ready to explore the ranch and chase antelope.

On the first day and the first hike, Ray becomes a bird watcher as a Golden Eagle circles at eye level just off the bluff looking for food.

Since this trip, he now lays by the door and watches the bird feeder whenever possible.

While hiking the canyon creek, Ray flushed cattle, quail and ducks from their creekside shady roost, and proved, once again, some Greyhounds love to get wet!

After a full day of bird watching, hiking and chasing wildlife, Ray relaxes by the tent, watching the sunset and digesting dinner. Wherever the dog bed went, he slept.

While Ray did not appreciate the weird feeling of having something on his feet, it certainly made hiking on the hot, jagged rocks in Big Bend National Park bearable.

After a long week of hiking in the heat of the Big Bend desert, Ray was very happy…

…to get out on the cool, soft, salt-crusted sand of the Guadalupe National Park salt flats while the morning air was cool and breezy.