Cash is an estimated 3 year old handsome young black and white male with lots of ticking. He came from Muskogee, OK with Merle and Waylon. They were owner surrenders to the animal shelter there. Cash was positive to Ehrlichia Canis when he arrived. He has completed his treatment for Ehrlichia Canis, and has a negative PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test. This fun boy is ready to find his forever couch! Cash is not considered to be small animal or cat tolerant.

UPDATE 6/23/2017

Cash has completed his treatment for Ehrlichia Canis, and has completed all his medical procedures. This handsome boy is ready to find his forever home.

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Cash is a handsome, young, fun loving boy. His white and black ticked coat is so short, soft and shiny PLUS he is actually a very low shed greyhound. Cash enjoys the company of other greyhounds or large dogs; Cash has a high prey drive and is not small dog or cat safe. Cash has a beautiful singing voice when he gets excited, i.e. sees a rascally rabbit or squirrel. Cash loves people and uses those puppy dog eyes to melt hearts. Cash just needs some time to warm up to new situations and people but wants to trust his humans and loves to get praise and attention from them. He gets along well with well behaved children, we did have a two year old here for several hours and he was fine with her but didn't interact with her. We crate Cash in a solid airline crate instead of a standard wire crate (he has bent the bars to get out – a definite hazard). We don’t give him free roam of house when we’re away because he has a throw rug fetish. He doesn't bother the rugs if we’re home, though If we leave him uncrated when we leave he takes ALL the rugs (and only rugs) from every room and piles them up outside together. Additionally, Cash does not like to be in a room with closed doors. He loves to nap in the sun or in the cool house. Cash is a very calm, laid back boy for his age. But don't get me wrong, he loves to play given the opportunity. Catch me if you can, is one of his favorite games. He walks well on a leash. He is a foodie but will wait patiently to finish another hound's food, but if they look away even for a moment it’s gone! Cash does not get on the furniture here. He has had excellent potty habits and learned the doggie door immediately. Fireworks and gun shots (we live in the country) send Cash running for cover inside the house but he sleeps peacefully thru thunderstorms. Cash is just such a sweet boy and his forever family will be as charmed by him as we have been. His ideal home will have other medium to large sized dogs, a yard to run and play in, and a family to adore.

Cash's Foster Family

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