Seniors are the best kept secret in the Greyhound World.
Please consider giving an older greyhound a special place in your heart!

Crete, aka Creatine, is a 10-year-old black male born July 30, 2002. His sire is Black Streaker and his dam is Pen Tab. Crete has 18 races to his credit on at Southland, starting March 8, 2004, and ending September 6, 2004. Now it's time to find this big boy a special home of his own!

Crete is not cat trainable, and should not live with very small dogs.

Crete is a very loving, affectionate boy that acts half his age. He loves people and kids but is NOT small dog or cat safe. He would be fine as an only dog since he prefers people to his greyhound house-mates. Outside he runs after anything that moves, he tosses his stuffies, and he keeps up with the squirrels that threaten to invade his private yard/sanctuary. He uses the dog door and has had no accidents in the house. In the house, he rests, naps, and waits for snacktime and bedtime! Nail trims don't bother him at all, and he will let you do anything you need to do as long as there are treats involved.

Crete will follow me everywhere, especially if he thinks there is a car ride involved. He has come a long way: at first he refused to jump into the car, now he tries, and can get his front legs up, then waits patiently for a "butt-boost" all the way in. He enjoys standing up for the best possible view as we drive. He loves walks and will remember exactly where every small critter was seen. He'll need a firm hand on the leash, if rabbits are spotted, he wants very much to finally catch one of his own.

At home, Crete will ask politely for attention by placing his head under my hand. He has lots of "tickle spots" and if you find the right one, his back legs collapse with joy, and he will swoon all the way down to the floor. Crete sleeps through the night on a dog bed next to my bed and has no interest at all in jumping up on any furniture.

Crete has no health problems, is calm and happy, and is a beautiful boy who attracts lots of attention for his easy-going personality and handsome face. Crete is perfectly happy to just hang out with you and love you, and let you love him back. Come meet him and let him show you how calm and loving the senior boys can be!

Crete's Foster Mom