Jitterbug, aka CTR Jitterbug, is an 8-year-old female born February 7, 2003. Her sire is My Rooster, and her dam is Macarena Lil. There are 54 races to Jitterbug's credit starting at Ebro in Florida on October 20, 1004, and finishing at Naples-Ft. Myers on August 12, 2005. Jitterbug was one of 11 dogs taken into custody by Ft. Worth Animal Control Cruelty Investigators on August 11, 2010, from a residence in Ft. Worth. Jitterbug was covered with ticks, is heartworm positive and is carrying a heavy burden of intestinal parasites. She has positive titers to Ehrlichia and Babesia. Treatment for these, as well as the intestinal parasites, has begun. Heartworm treatment will begin once she is stabilized.


Update 9/22/10

Jitterbug received her first round of heartworm treatment on September 15. She tolearted the treatment and is being closely monitored by her foster parents. She is still being treated for intestinal parasites. As you see from this picture, she has put on a little weight, and her skin is looking and feeling much better! She will go in for her second round of heartworm treatment on approximately October 18. Her foster parents are keeping her very quiet at this time.

Update 11/2/10

Jitterbug received her second round of heartworm treatment on October 26 and October 27. So far she has tolerated the procedure, and she is being kept very quiet in her foster home.


Update 2/21/11

Jitterbug has completed her spay and dental surgery. However, a growth was also removed at the time of her procedure that has been determined to be a spindle cell tumor. The mass was totally excised and clean margins were reported. Her report is being sent to an oncologist for recommendations as to whether further treatment is needed.

Update 5/9/11

Jitterbug has been referred to Dr. Lori of VCA Animal Diagnostic Clinic.