Patty, aka Stat West Park, is a sweet almost 4-year- old brindle female, born September 26, 2001. Patty's sire is Greys Statesman and her dam Westpark Crop, an Irish-bred brood matron. Patty was found as a stray in the Arlington area, and has an abcess on her left hip along with numerous scrapes and scratches all over.

Patty's record on shows 17 races to her credit, beginning April 2, 2003 at Corpus Christi track in TX, and finishing there August 1, 2003. Her whereabouts since that time remain unknown. Patty is in the process of being medically evaluated, and cared for. As soon as her condition is known, it will be posted here. It is not known at this time if Patty is small animal or cat tolerant.

UPDATE 7/21/05

Unfortunately, as so many of GALT's strays are, Patty is heartworm positive. A foster home has been found for her, and she will start her treatment the week of June 25. Her tick panel test is not conclusive yet, so her results will be posted here soon.

UPDATE 10/1/05

Patty received her second round of heartworm treatment the first week of September, which consisted of two injections of Immiticide 24 hours apart. She is being kept very quiet by her foster mom until she can be retested the first week of November to see if her treatment has been successful.

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