Stephie is an approximately 3-year-old white and fawn long-haired female. She was taken into custody by Ft. Worth Animal Control Cruelty Investigators on June 17, 2011, from the same residence in Ft. Worth where Jitterbug, Sweet Pea, Red, Delilah and Bessie were found on August 11, 2010. Stephie was covered with ticks (engorged as well as tiny seed ticks), weighs only 36 pounds and is carrying a heavy burden of intestinal parasites. Her platelet count is very, very low and preliminary bloodwork indicates she could have tick borne diseases. Her eyes are weeping with green mucous, and she has some nasal discharge. She is receiving the appropriate medication while waiting on the results of her Protatek testing.

Update 6/28/11

Stephie's final Protatek tick titers have been received and are extremely high for Ehrlichia. Dr. Jeff Ellis examined Stephie today, and she has gained 4 pounds! Her PCV (packed cell volume) has gone up from 32 to 36, which is good, and her fecal is negative. She was deemed stable enough to receive her first injection of Imizol. Dr. Ellis will see her again in two weeks unless a need arises suddenly.

Update 7/15/11

Stephie weighed in at 46.9 pounds as of July 9. Although it has not been 100% diagnosed, Stephie has been prescribed medication for scabies to cover all the bases for the symptoms she is exhibiting.