Zsa Zsa, aka M's Red Head, is a 7½-year-old female born July 3, 2002. Her sire is Kelsos Kingpin and her dam is Paws Diamond. shows Zsa Zsa as racing 17 races, all in New Hampshire from June 16, 2004, to September 3, 2004. She has helped many dogs by being a blood donor also. After arriving into the GALT family, Zsa Zsa experienced several seizures. She is now on daily medication and will be for the rest of her life. Zsa Zsa is a little on the shy side, but is warming up every day. Zsa Zsa is not cat tolerant but is small dog tolerant.

Zsa Zsa is a beautiful fawn color, strikingly accented by her black ears. She's a calm girl who would do well as an only pet or with the company of another dog, but no cats please!

She is easy to groom - she lays quietly for nail care, tolerates teeth cleaning, and likes to be brushed. She accepts crating very well, going in happily on request and waiting patiently to be let out. Zsa Zsa needs a regular potty schedule. She will whine when she needs to go out, but sometimes it's a very soft sound that might not be noticed.

Zsa Zsa is a relaxed walker and prefers to follow rather than to lead. She would love to share leisurely strolls with you, with the occasional stop for a comprehensive sniff. She loves walk time and play time. She's a very happy girl when it's time for toys! She likes to pounce on several toys in succession before settling down with one to chew on. She's very fond of tennis balls and toys that squeak. She also enjoys playing with other dogs and gives the cutest play bows.

She comes up and asks for petting and attention like the dignified lady that she is. She minds well in the house, although sometimes she thinks it over first. Zsa Zsa is on a very inexpensive seizure medication. She is a delightful little girl who is sure to quietly steal her way into you heart.

Zsa Zsa's foster parents
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