Gaye Gaye

Gaye, aka Seegold Kaye, is a beautiful white and red 2-year-old female, born May 10, 2003. Gaye's sire is Oneco Wiseman and her dam is Ashley Jo. Gaye's racing career was spent entirely at Valley Race Park in Harlingen, TX, starting November 26, 2004 with her maiden race and ending February 23, 2005. Gaye is a sweet, loving smaller female, weighing about 60 pounds. Gaye is not cat or small animal tolerant.

Gaye - known around her foster home as "Petite Snow White."

We have been fostering Gaye since the Memorial Day Holiday. When she first came into our home she was shy and didn't know what to think of a ceiling fan, stairs, or even a nice big fluffy pillow. It didn't take too long for our own greyhound, Vance, to show her around and teach her a thing or two! She now knows it's fun and rewarding to hang around the kitchen pantry for a doggie treat.

Gaye has discovered the joys of playing with squeaky toys and knows exactly where to find that sweet sound. Those cute ears come alert at the first squeak. Gaye loves to run around the house and flip the toys in the air, quite content to amuse herself.

When we go on our two walks a day, it's fun to see her ears perk up and be a little show-off when she sees something that interests her. We've been lucky that she picked up walking on a leash very quickly. Now she really likes to strut her stuff when we walk.

Gaye is crated during the day while we humans work. She sleeps in her safe-haven crate at night with the door open, and stays there until we wake. Sometimes she tries to get in the same crate with Vance, which, of course, would be a bit crowded.

Gaye has blossomed into a lovely, affectionate princess. She will do best in a home without a small dog, cat or bird.

This beautiful, sweet greyhound is looking forward to meeting her forever family and going home. Gaye has been a pleasure to nurture and watch blossom since day one. We know she'll melt someone's heart soon.

Gaye's Foster Parents
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