Parker is an estimated 1 ½ year old white and fawn male found as a stray in the Brownsville area. He was released to GALT from the Brownsville Animal Regulatory and Care Center. Parker is positive to heartworms and his treatment will start as soon as a foster home is found for him.

Parker is not considered to be cat or small dog tolerant at this time.


UPDATE 10/15/2016

Parker completed his second round of heartworm treatments on October 13. He will be retested in 8 weeks, and he is being kept very quiet in his foster home during this time.

UPDATE 12/13/2016

Parker has successfully completed his heartworm treatment and is now negative! This sweet boy is ready to find his forever home!

Watch more of Parker

Perpetually perky Parker pursues permanent plush pillow! Not only is this guy incredibly adorable with so much personality, he also has a very high PLAY drive! He enjoys playing tug of war with his greyhound housemates and big mouth bitey face with his cattledog mix bestie. Parker is a talker – when he yawns, sees a squirrel or on a walk because he’s just so darned happy! He is submissive and gets picked on when he’s outside with some of the other dogs – Parker thinks it’s part of a game so we have to be sure it doesn’t get out of control. Parker is a serious cuddlebug – he will curl up with you on the couch or be near another dog in the home. He’s a dog bed fluffer, champion roacher, nose poker (not a licker) …always happy fella! There are a few other less desirable habits he acquired – stellar paper shredder (magazines are his favorite), digger under the bushes and he’s a full body hugger. Walking on leash can be a challenge with Parker because he so darned happy to be outside to see and smell new things. It’s obvious that he’s young and has a zest for life. Parker crates easily with a high value treat (you may have to catch him first) and settles in nicely. We always crate him when we go out, max has been 6-7 hours. At night we let him sleep wherever he’s comfortable, sometimes that’s on a dog bed in our room and other times it’s in the living room on the couch or dog bed with his buddies. Parker’s ideal home will have other dogs (30-40 lbs would be the smallest), probably no cats, lots of toys and maybe a child or two over 8 to call his own. He is one of the sweetest fosters we’ve had and he will make a family so very happy with his joyful antics.

Parker's Foster Family

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