Roxie is a young black female greyhound mix found as a stray southwest of Houston with Rommel. A good Samaritan took them into safety. She is being medically evaluated.

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If you are looking for a fuzzy young girl with just the right amount of pep in her step, then you have found her in Roxie lady (Think Foxy Lady by Jimi Hendrix. It's her song)! This little girl is independent and confident, yet cuddly and in need of her human's reassurance. Roxie has the most considerate house manners, no potty accidents and no counter surfing, and complete respect for the term "Leave it". If you’re patient in giving her time to trust you, Roxie will love you for life.

Every time we foster, we say that this one is our favorite and it is no different for Roxie. She is playful with some great tail action to prove it. Roxie enjoys long walks, but is also satisfied with zoomies around the backyard. One thing to know for sure, Roxie is an early bird! She starts her morning in the most positive and hopeful ways. She sleeps through the night and will tell you in the morning when she is ready to go out and take care of business and then come in and get some breakfast with you nearby sipping your coffee. And if you can remember the sounds of the ghosts from the Scooby-Doo cartoons, then you can imagine what it sounds like when a greyhound "roos" at an ambulance or fire engine in the distance. It is one of the most comical sounds and sights ever.

Of all the greys that we have fostered, our smallest, bossiest fur-baby family member has refused to acknowledge, much less play with any of them; but you guessed it, he loves it when Roxie lays down on the bed and plays "nibble face" with him, despite the more than 40 lb. and major height difference. She is so good and gentle with him and even puts up with his bossy little ways. So, if you’re looking for the best of it all and are open to falling in love when you look into those big, sweet eyes, then Foxy Roxie may be your girl!

Roxie's Foster Family

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