Triscuit Triscuit

Triscuit, aka CS Triscuit, is a beautiful, four-year-old, dark brindle female born September 1, 2005. Her sire is Primo Drive, making her grand sire the late famous Molotov, and her dam is Greys Taxevader. Triscuit has 50 races to her credit on, starting May 14, 2007, in Southland in West Memphis, Arkansas, moving to Derby Lane in St. Petersburg, Florida, then to Valley Race Park in Harlingen, TX, where she finished on April 5, 2009. Triscuit is ready to find her forever home!

Triscuit’s cat test: No kitties or small dogs for Triscuit! She was focused on the cats and the Yorkie, straining at the leash with both ears straight up!

Triscuit is very loving and lovable! She is a joy to be around. She gets along well with children and adults, as well as our three greyhounds. She does like to be the first to get her treats, and will sometimes take a larger treat out of someone else's mouth!


We have crated Triscuit at night ever since she came into our home, and she has always gone into her crate without complaint. After the first week or so, we started leaving the crate door open at night, but Triscuit still likes to sleep in her crate, and will often take her daytime naps in there as well.

Triscuit will bark, but it is usually only outside, at other dogs in the neighborhood. Triscuit was a quick study with the doggie door.

Triscuit is very playful, and loves to run around and chase other greyhounds. She also loves to play with stuffed toys and will even fetch, bringing thrown toys back to her person, to have them thrown again for yet another chase!

Triscuit charms her way right into your heart.  She will come up next to you while you are working.  In fact, she just came up and nosed me as I was typing this to get some ear scratches and rubs.

If you are looking for a friendly, loving companion, Triscuit may be the girl for you!

Triscuit's Foster Parents
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